Times may be changing, but my obsessions sure aren't.

Remember that whole thing about, ya know... me being obsessed with Alice Dellal? Kind of wishing I was her a little bit? Wanting to find her and become her best friend???? ...ahem.. heh... **pulls collar**

Jalouse's June issue featured photos of her prancing around like the hot shit she is. Don't forget the fact she's with her equally awesome beau, Ross Tanner, in all the photos.


I like cats, in case you were unaware.

Here's a video of Gatsby, Clarence, and I on 'Dress Like a Biker Day'.

For more videos of me being a crazy cat lady, check out my youtube.


Is it possible to marry a hand?

While checking out a blog called THE LOVE AWARENESS PROGRAM, I came across this photo.

I doubt any human being can live up to the image of this hand. So I won't even wish to see the person it belongs to.


Halloween can be simple and good looking too!

Just came across this cover of The New Yorker. I die. This design by Chris Ware is totally brilliant. The kids with the masks, the parents with the iphones. He also wrote a 4 page story for the issue titled 'Unmasked'. Be sure to check that out right here.

Happy Halloween